Pundora – Mosaic Mannequin – $5,000

This creation speaks for itself (not literally.) I coveredĀ  a mannequin with bad/good puns, ads, idioms, and some things just for fun.

What puns/idioms can you figure out?

Examples are listed for each image.

(click an image for larger view)

Full View
Right Side
(side dish, sunny side)
Torso Front
(bosom  buddy “Holly”, knots in stomach)
Torso Back
(target on back, misaligned Chiropractors)
Right Shoulder
(chip on shoulder, No Parking on shoulder)
Front Bottom
(Beets around the Bush, knee cap)
Head (Top)
(head or mind games, Inn over her head)
Head (Back)
(price on her head, crown of the head)
(eye candy, nose jobs)



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