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Pundora – Mosaic Mannequin

This creation speaks for itself (not literally.) I covered  a mannequin with bad/good puns, ads, idioms, and somethings just for fun. It is almost done, I just need to finish the base and grout and cover her lower half.

What puns/idioms can you figure out?

Examples are listed for each image.

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Full View

Right Side
(side dish, sunny side)

Torso Front
(bosom  buddy “Holly”, knots in stomach)

Torso Back
(target on back, misaligned Chiropractors)

Right Shoulder
(chip on shoulder, No Parking on shoulder)

Front Bottom
(Beets around the Bush, knee cap)

Head (Top)
(head or mind games, Inn over her head)

Head (Back)
(price on her head, crown of the head)

(eye candy, nose jobs)

Suitcase Table

Remember when people put stickers on their suitcases of where they went? Seeing all the coffee mugs in thrift stores from people who bought mugs from their travels and then had second thoughts about their purchase, inspired me to create this table.

I created a new handle with wood and metal hardware to look like a suitcase handle. This opens a drawer as seen below. The strap buckles were made using mug handles.

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Price $2,100

Engagement Gift

A customer wanted to create a gift for a Bride-to-be. We came up with the idea of using the shapes of their native states in an equation resulting in the state they will live.

Florida + Massachusetts = Pennsylvania

Not for Sale

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Sports Fans

People keep asking for lower priced items so I came up with making team-themed Sports Fans made on ceiling fan blades. They each have a hole on top for hanging.

These Are Decoration Only

Price $50 to $65
(based on size)

See More in my Etsy Store (BreakingArtsGA):

Alabama, Atlanta Falcons, Auburn, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Duke,  Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Green Bay Packers,  Kansas City Royals, Kennesaw State, Marvel, South Carolina, Star Wars, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, Washington Football team

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