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Engagement Gift

A customer wanted to create a gift for a Bride-to-be. We came up with the idea of using the shapes of their native states in an equation resulting in the state they will live.

Florida + Massachusetts = Pennsylvania

Not for Sale

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About Commissioned Work

I am pleased to do commissioned pieces. You may contribute your own furniture and or ceramic items. All works will be designed and pricing determined beforehand with a 50% deposit prior to starting.

In the past, I have viewed environments for color schemes and style considerations. Almost any piece on this site can be customized to your specs. Works can be themed with your interests or those of someone else for gift purposes.

Rubik’s Cube Cabinet

One of my sons just got his own place and enjoys playing all sorts of games with his friends. He has accumulated a good amount of board and card games and needs somewhere to store them.

Being a math guy, he is quite successful with a Rubik’s Cube. We came up with this idea and happened to find a near perfect table to make it happen. With a few adjustments (wood and wheels), it is starting to take shape.

His one requirement: it had to be solvable.

Not for Sale

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Abstract End Tables

These half-cylinder tables were provided by the owner for covering. I then designed the mosaic after photographing the living room where they would be placed. The colors approximated the room as well as other adjoining rooms. Over the sofa hung an abstract painting with an upward flow which I mimicked in the pieces that now sit on either end of the sofa.

In searching for pieces for the top of one of the tables, I was lucky to find a platter which worked well with the color and theme. The thrift saleswoman was mortified when I told her I planned to break it into pieces. The platter fit so well that I could use the rounded edge to rim the table. Extra space was filled with black plate pieces. This table also included carefully broken teal glass bowls.

The top for the other table was an experiment in dying grout. It worked as the grout ended up teal by adding pigment.

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MR2-1 MR1-2MR2-2

Wine Table

I was asked to create a table for placement outside a wine cellar. After studying the colors in the room and cellar, I came up with this design. The bottles are constructed of pieces of wine-themed plates and colors that I had accumulated. The blues echo the brick walls of the cellar that had a light blue painting in front.

The corners and the outside middle edges contain sliced wine corks  that hold a glass top for protection against spilled wine.

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