Descendants of
Herman Roth & Klara Schwartz

Herman Roth
Flour Miller (wealthy)

Klara Schwartz

B: Abt. 1838 

D: Unknown
Hungary (Near Budapest)


B: Abt. 1840

M: Unknown
D: Unknown


Solomon "Samuel" Roth
Street Car Conductor, Court Interpreter,
Buyer, Head of Stock - Gimbel's

Yetti "Julia" Brown
Up tree to Brown

Samuel Roth


Julia Braun

B: March 24, 1861
Nagy Ida, Hungary
I: 1882, C: 1890
D: August 9, 1940
Bronx, NY

Down tree to Samuel & Julia Roth

B: May 1, 1873
Buda, Hungary
I: 1884, C: 1890

M: March 15, 1891
New York, NY

D: November 18, 1935


Manό Roth

B: March 3, 1864
Nagy Ida, Hungary
D: Unknown


Miksa Roth

B: July 8, 1868
Nagy Ida, Hungary
D: Unknown


Zsana Roth

B: July 5, 1871
Nagy Ida, Hungary
D: Unknown


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