Jacob Rosengarten & Family

Louis (Lazar) Rosengarten was born in 1854 in the Warsaw, Poland area. I have not been able to determine the village to date.

He immigrated to New York in 1891 where his wife Sarah, daughter Golde, and son Jacob joined him. Louis worked as a seltzer manufacturer and became a Rabbi in Harlem where he taught Hebrew.

I have found a reference to Louis on JewishGen.org where someone had a marriage record for his ancestor that showed Louis officiating at the wedding in 1908.

Jacob is shown at left with his family, Fannie, Abe, Moe, and Irving.

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DeWeltoff, Eisen, Jacobson, Katz, Kindman, Klein, Kotler, Leff, Lichtman, Moskowitz, Pollack, Posner, Resler, Roberts, Samuels, Teman, Viola, Wexler


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