An immigrant couple came to this shore,

The year was nineteen hundred four.

Elihu and Kayla Ė their last name was Queller,

Changed at Ellis Island to Louis and Ida, and Queller to Keller.

Left behind for a while, with a kiss and a wave,

Were their only two sons, Abe the elder, the younger one Dave.

Soon followed two more Ė first Max and then Sam,

better known as Kelly, the grocery man.

Four boys in a row,

but thatís just the beginning,

Four girls then followed,

Grandma was tired, Grandpa was grinning.

Lily, Jean, Sylvia and Claire,

Eight wonderful kids made this family so rare.

Unfortunately four others didnít survive,

But those who did continued to thrive.

All eight got married and each found a way

To continue to grow to this very day.

The family now stretches from the west coast to Niagara,

Even though some of us rely on Viagra.

On most Sundays the family would assemble and meet

At 1310 Grant Ave. and fill up the street.

Just to be together was the original intention,

But it turned out to be more like a Shriners convention.


I realize now that those were the days

That bonded me to my family in so many ways.

So to you youngsters Ė some advice, cause I really do know,

Start up some friendships here and see how they grow.

Exchange phone numbers, addresses and e-mail too,

But take that first step whatever you do

One thing is certain Ė I donít know why,

Thereís no closer bond than a family tie.

Just one more thing and Iíll be on my way,

We owe someone a big "Thank you" for this fabulous day.

Itís all due to Mimi, my daughter, Hip-Hip-Hooray.