Avrum Queller and Shaindel Wexler of Storozhinets, Bukovina had 3 (known) sons: Elias, Samuel, and Benyamin. 

Elias Queller was born in Storozhinets and immigrated to the United States in 1903. He then changed his name to Louis Keller.  His wife, Kayla Disha Hollinger (later Ida) along with their two sons, Abraham (Abe) and David followed in 1905.

Samuel's offspring remained in eastern Europe. Some came to America after World War II. Sadly, several families were killed in the Holocaust.

Benyamin and Golda Queller's children's families dispersed from Storozhinets to Romania, Israel, and the United States where branches still live today.

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Ellberger, Gemeiner, Glas, Gross, Janof, Kaner, Kosow, Levine, Lorincz, Marcus, Ofshe, Osias, Pollack, RosenPosner, Queller, Sokol, Tennenbaum, Wilensky, Wilson

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