Our branch of the Deutsch family started with Emanuel Deutsch and Rosalia "Sarah" Weiss. They were married and resided in Miskolc, Hungary. Emanuel owned a restaurant, where family lore has it that scholarly Jews congregated. Most of their children immigrated to the United States. Emanuel was actually born in Beret, Hungary, a tiny shtetl just north of Miskolc. I found his parents’ names: Solomon Deutsch and Rebeka Silberstein on his wedding record on microfilm in the Mormon Church’s records.

My start in the family genealogical research came from a sheet of paper that listed the Deutsch/Weiss family tree as known by Joseph Deutsch and told to his son, Arthur. I have been able to verify most of the information from Miskolc Jewish birth/marriage records at the Mormon Church.

After Emanuel died in Hungary, Sarah came to the U.S. with a daughter and granddaughter. Contrary to family belief, Emanuel never made it to America.

Deutsch was a common name in Hungary denoting Yiddish-speaking people or people who migrated from Germany (typically during the 14th century).

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Adler, Bawer, Gidaly, Greene, Grossman, Growman, Haas, Herman, Hershbein, Klein, Neuwalder, Schwarz, Seitlin, Silberstein, Tiefenbrunn, Weiss, Zeughauser 


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